The Song of Silence

by Rajib on wordpress

And yet there was me,

Silently watching the stars come out of light,

Into the darkness,

To illumine the resting soul,

As a friend to the eternal traveller.


And yet there was me knowing,

The voice of silence cascading into the sound,

The breath of the blooming life dancing in the wind,

The irresistible nature of beauty,

And the beautiful Nature.


And yet there was me dreaming,

The vibrant depth of deep oceans,

The melting of the snow at blazing fires of mountains,

The birth of mountains from the dust,

And these billion dreams.


And yet there was me everywhere,

In every time & in every way,

Rising & falling, flying & diving,

Dreaming & Knowing

 and vibrating in the silence.


And yet there was me, the Silence – the infinite, eternal travelerImage.